About Rob Sayre

Rob Sayre, a native of Boulder, Colorado moved to the East Coast in 1982 to work at a small book publishing company. He relocated to the Lehigh Valley in 1988 to work at Rodale, Inc. as the Business Manager of its Book Division, with many great leaders and coworkers.

Though now semi-retired. Rob is an active investor in real estate, a volunteer as a Master Gardener with the Penn State Extension Service, and has studied
Tai-Chi for 11 years. He and his wife Sally, a retired public-school teacher, have three children and five of the best grandchildren. They are busier than ever, but love controlling their own schedule and traveling in their Lance RV Camper.

In the last six years, he has been an active investor in real estate and is looking for:

  • Estate sales or properties that an owner does not know how to handle.
  • Bank-owned properties.

Rob can help:

  • Improve your retirement account investments by diversifying into real estate.
  • You consider if investing in real estate is a good fit for you.

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